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And then the alien zapped the human, This week we learned what sci-fi means. Sci-fi means science fiction. We have been planing a story that has to be about sci-fi, so like time travelling or guns that zap. My story’s about a guy going into the future to see if he gets drafted to the nba, but he doesn’t and he gets stuck in the future. He fixes the time machine and returns home and tries 10 times harder. He makes it in to golden state warriors, they end up winning the western conference finals.

what is science fiction?

Science fiction is a narrative about science, including time machines, zapping guns and inventions.


Week learning week 4

This week we have been learning a bunch of different stuff


We had three seeds that we had to choose and write a story about it. I chose a smashed window. We had to use metaphors. My story was a true story but not. All the event that happen are true.


in maths we did a bridge activity. The answer, none of us were expecting that the to slow people should go together. We had to try and work the answer out.



my reading goal is to infer. My writing goal is show don’t tell. And my maths goal is to estimate a answer. In spelling it is to visualise my word.