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This Thursday for 5/6 sport we did lacrosse. We learnt how to hold the stick, how to throw the ball and how to pick it up. Lacrosse originally comes from France. This sport is really interesting to me because it is just all around fun to play.


5-6 sport

It rewind my Thursday so much the stupid rain. 5 6 sport got cancelled and we had split grades. In split grades we had to look up on mr Andrea’s blog to find a post on teen athletes. Look at the websites we looked at. It’s about kids and teens health and about the body. Also what you need to stay healthy.



Inter school footy!!

On Wednesday 18th we had inter school footy and netball. We trained really hard over lunches and snacks. We arrived 1st. We saw Mr G setting up. We won our first game against Holly Cross by 1 point. Then we vs Mt Macedon. We won bye 2 goals. We had 1hour to prepare for the grand final. In the grand final against Gisborne we lost by a goal. It was really hard. After there was a goal kicking comp.