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Maths learning week 2


We learnt all the sorts of angles there are.  Obtuse angle, acute angle and right angle which is 90 degrees. Acute is less than 90 digrees. An obtuse is more than 90 digrees.



Toblerone maths

We had to work out what would be a better buy a 50g or a 100g. You need 4 50g to equal the same as the 100g.


When we stared it was hard at first but once I got the hang of it it was easy. We learnt all about the protractors zero line and to measure the inside or the out side. This all depended on the sort of angle.




we learnt that there is 3 types of triangles. All angles in triangles equal up to 180 degrees. There’s a isosceles, equilatral, and a scalene. A isosceles has 2 equal sides and one un-equal one. A equilatral has all equal sides. A scalene has no equal sides.







Week 1 term 1

Maths learning

For maths we have been learning angles, triangles and how to use a protractor. The protractor was harder than we all thought. The tips of that were to get the line exactly on the line.


learning about ww1 was really exciting. Some of the stuff the people wanted to go were really weird because they didn’t realise how bad it was. When we were reading the Gisbourne gezette we foud this article on this guy named Ray cambell. he used to live in Mt Macedon then moved to Gisbourne to live. And then he went to world war 1 to fight against the Turks.





The the books about ANZACS

some of the books we have been reading are Gallipoli, an Anzac tale. Gallipoli was a really good book we read it about 3 or 4 times to get the understanding and fin so ww1 Australia slang words.


New things we didn’t know