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Crackling kale crisp’s!!!!!!!!!

We grew this blue Russian kale in our garden. It was ready to harvest. So we picked and made kale crisp’s We learnt that kale is really easy to cook. It Only took us about 10 minutes. It’s been going really good in our garden this year. It has tones of Vitamins and nutrients.

Kale is high in all these vitamins
Vitamin A helps make your eye sight.
Vitamin C helps keep your immune system healthy.
Calcium helps keep your bones healthy and strong.
Soluble fibre helps your digestive system.
Vitamin K helps stop the bleeding in cuts. Potassium helps your body work properly.



Bean seed dissection


What’s different between the out and the inside of a Lima beans.

We found out that there was three things to a Lima bean. Embryo wich is the baby plant. Cotyledon which supplies the food. And the coat that helps protect it from birds. When we were looking at the Lima bean I picked it up and it went flying out of the coat. There’s to sections if the seed.