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Town hall meeting!!!

Did you know that Ned Kelly was hanged when he was only 25. We had a town hall meeting, we all dressed up as our characters we did. I was obviously Ned Kelly, Australians most known puple. We all got together and had a big town hall meeting and told our yarns.

Quote: Ned Kelly’s last words were “such is life”, when he got hanged.

Ned Kelly biography

Ned Kelly’s biography

Edward “Ned” Kelly 1855-1880, Ned was born June 1855 at beveridge, Victoria. The eldest son of John “Red” Kelly and his wife Ellen Quinn. His father was born Tippery, Ireland 1820. In 1841 John was sentenced to transportation to Australia for stealing 2 pigs. He arrived in Van Demans land in 1842. Then he went to PortPhillip District where on 18 th of November 1850 he married Ellen Quin the 18 year old of James and Mary Quinn. They had five sons and seven daughters Ned, Dan, James, Kate, Ellen, Margret, Grace, Annie, John, Ellen Jr., Mary and Alice.

Ned first became a bush ranger when he was 15 years old when he helped another bush ranger Harry Power during robberies. Ned, Dan and James got worse as they grew up. James got sentenced to 5 years jail, then he went to Wagga Wagga and got 10 more years in jail for stealing horses. Dan was sentenced to three months jail for damaging property, and soon after he was realised in 1878. A warranty was issued for stealing horses.

On April 15th a police trooper named Fitzpatrick. He went to Mrs Kelly’s home to arrest Dan. Fitzpatrick was a worthless and unreliable fellow, he claimed that Ned shot him although he wasn’t there. There was a 100 dollars were offered for whoever caught Ned and Dan who went hiding in the Wombat Forrest near Mansfeild. They had two friends to help them. Joe Byrne and Steve Hart.

Sergeant Kennedy and Constable Lonigan tried catching Ned and Dan at Stringybark Creek. The two police officers left to go look for the brothers. But they surprised them at there camp and shot Lonigan and Kennedy.

On 15th November the Victorian government offered 500 euros for each gang member dead or alive.on 9th of December the Kelly gang held up a sheep station at Faithfuls Creek. Also the Eure bank was nearby so they held it up and stole 2000 euroes in notes and gold. Then the government doubled the offer. In New South Wales they held up the major bank and site over 2000 euroes.

again the offer was raised to 2000 euros. Black trackers were brought from Queensland. Dan and Byrne joined Ned at Glennrowen inn. They would take a train to Melbourne Glennrowen. Two railway controllers took out a bit of the train tracks to stop the gang.

Police surrounded the hotel, a shoot out began, Hate was shot in the arm and Ned was wounded in the foot, hand and arm. Although he was protected by a chest guard and a helmet with a slit so he could see. Dan, Byrne and Hart took refuge in the hotel and Ned went into the bush. Byrne was shot in the thigh and bled to death, it was hectict.

when police went into the hotel after the shoot out they pulled out 2 body’s one Dan’s and the others Byrne’s. Police said that they took poison. On the 29th October at Melbourne, Ned tried to murder Constable Thomas Lonigan at Stringybark Creek. Ned was found guilty, and he was sentenced to death.

Ned was captured, eventually alive. He was hanged at Melbourne Gaol 11th November 1880. Needs last words were “Such is life”. Ned was discribed as the best known Australian. Clive Turnbull made a quote “As game as Ned Kelly”