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New awesome goalsss


Short term goals are a term or two and you take small steps to get to the long term goal. The long term goals are a year or two and the short term leads up to the long term goal which is hard to accomplish.

Learning behaviour
My Learning Behaviour is to make sure I don’t get distracted. I will do this by not sitting next to distracting people.

My Maths goal is to learn all my tables. But I will take steps and do my 8’s first. I will do this by getting my mum to test me with a piece of paper on Thursday. And I will go on TTMe and practice.

My English goal is to improve my hand writing. I will do this by asking Mrs Westerman for a hand writhing sheet and do it every Thursday. Also I will write a 50 word story on Thursday as well.


Learning goals for the week

My learning goal for English is to use paragraphs in my writing. I will slow down so I can put paragraphs in.

In Maths I need to learn my 6’s and 4’s off by heart. I will take something home and learn my 6’s and 4’s of by heart.

My learning behaviour would be to remember to charge my iPad and bring it the next day.  For my Ipad I will get a sticky note and write get iPad and put it on table. So the next morning I can get my iPad.