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Week learning week 4

This week we have been learning a bunch of different stuff


We had three seeds that we had to choose and write a story about it. I chose a smashed window. We had to use metaphors. My story was a true story but not. All the event that happen are true.


in maths we did a bridge activity. The answer, none of us were expecting that the to slow people should go together. We had to try and work the answer out.



my reading goal is to infer. My writing goal is show don’t tell. And my maths goal is to estimate a answer. In spelling it is to visualise my word.

I’m out of my mind!!

This has been our read out loud book in class T4. We did 8 slides of stuff about Out Of My Mind. We had several discussions about things in the book like Cerabal Palsy. I would rate this 4 1/2 stars and I would recommend it for people from grade 4 up. Because grade 3’s wouldn’t be mature enough to have the discussions.

Week 2 term 4


This week in Maths we have been learning how to use a table to work a problem out. We have been learning all our times tables and tricks.


This week in English we have been learning what persistence is and how to be persistene. We have been reading the book “Out Of My Mind”. We are just getting into all the characters. We did life motto’s, and mine was ” Life’s Short So Rip It And Grip It”

Earth’s Structure

We have been doing the Solar System. But at the moment we are doing Earth’s Structure. We did a graph on all the sections of the Earth. The there’s the Crust, Upper mantle, Lower mantle, Outter core and Inner core.

Coment what you think what’s going to happen next in Out Of My Mind.

New awesome goalsss


Short term goals are a term or two and you take small steps to get to the long term goal. The long term goals are a year or two and the short term leads up to the long term goal which is hard to accomplish.

Learning behaviour
My Learning Behaviour is to make sure I don’t get distracted. I will do this by not sitting next to distracting people.

My Maths goal is to learn all my tables. But I will take steps and do my 8’s first. I will do this by getting my mum to test me with a piece of paper on Thursday. And I will go on TTMe and practice.

My English goal is to improve my hand writing. I will do this by asking Mrs Westerman for a hand writhing sheet and do it every Thursday. Also I will write a 50 word story on Thursday as well.