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Sovereign hill Creative Commons

We are pretending to be children from the 1850’s.

Today we had to find our mother and fathers occupation for Sovereign Hill. My Fathers a brewer and my Mother is a soap maker. We had to attribute the photos and where we got the photos from.

The first one is from

The second one is from

We also had to show a photo of what boat we came out on. I came out on Marco Polo. This is a photo of he ship I cane out on. I got this image off Wikipedia, but it didn’t come from there. They also attributed the photo which has come from :Marcopoloclipper.jpg




The rule of thirds

The rule of thirds you ask, what is it. Well I’ll tell you. The rule of thirds is to break an image down into thirds, both horizontally and vertically so that you have 9 parts. Click here to see more info.

My first photo is a photo of the tunnel, this shows the rule of thirds because the tunnel makes points around the circle⭕️. In prep this used to be where I played most of the time, it was really cool to sit in there.

My second photo is a photo of seats that are under the shade🌳🌲and out of the way, we normally just sit and talk here and play truth or dare or would you rather. The rule of thirds follows the tree and the seats.






Song writing

This week in class we had to make a poem or song using Personification and figurative language. Every got confused between rhyming and similies. I decided to do it with Kane. Instead of doing a song we did a rap about a devil in Bali who is gnarly and has a Ferrari. This is what we have so far:

“knock knock its the devil from another level, he’s a part boy always getting gnarly in Bali with his Ferrari.

Splashing the passion Mashing the fashion and kicking magic like a field goal.”

figurative language is when you are telling something like “the tree looked at me like a devil” but a tree can’t look at you like a devil can it. We used this website called the songs sphere click on the image to go to the website.


Run Forrest run

This week we did the FUN RUN

Because of the art room that’s going up we had to go around the oval for or fun run and it was packed. Kids were falling everywhere, in the end they had a injury bay. I got 29 laps. When we were running aroud the track —every time we did a lap we got a mark on our arms. In the end there was a cake stall that you could get cakes, muffins and cookies.

After lunch we had tugger war. We started off vsing 5A which we thought we would loose but we thought wrong. Next we had to vs 5C which we also thought we would get smashed but we smashed them.

                             That was our fun run day



This Thursday for 5/6 sport we did lacrosse. We learnt how to hold the stick, how to throw the ball and how to pick it up. Lacrosse originally comes from France. This sport is really interesting to me because it is just all around fun to play.


Orienteering recount

We pulled up to Tony Clarke in Macedon and hopped off the bus.

First we ate our lunch, then we walked over to the oval to listen to the organisers speak about how to clip the markers and use the maps.

I was with Kane. We had to start off with a easy map so we chose number 4. After we completed that one we went straight to a hard one. We met up with Darc, Jarod and Maxie. While looking for markers, we got side tracked.  We ran into Caleb, Jack, Fletcher .

Then the rain came so we ran down the hill.  Eventually they called it off. We were up in this hill that we could see everyone going back to shelter so we made our way back.  Then we went home.