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Run Forrest run

This week we did the FUN RUN

Because of the art room that’s going up we had to go around the oval for or fun run and it was packed. Kids were falling everywhere, in the end they had a injury bay. I got 29 laps. When we were running aroud the track —every time we did a lap we got a mark on our arms. In the end there was a cake stall that you could get cakes, muffins and cookies.

After lunch we had tugger war. We started off vsing 5A which we thought we would loose but we thought wrong. Next we had to vs 5C which we also thought we would get smashed but we smashed them.

                             That was our fun run day



This Thursday for 5/6 sport we did lacrosse. We learnt how to hold the stick, how to throw the ball and how to pick it up. Lacrosse originally comes from France. This sport is really interesting to me because it is just all around fun to play.


Orienteering recount

We pulled up to Tony Clarke in Macedon and hopped off the bus.

First we ate our lunch, then we walked over to the oval to listen to the organisers speak about how to clip the markers and use the maps.

I was with Kane. We had to start off with a easy map so we chose number 4. After we completed that one we went straight to a hard one. We met up with Darc, Jarod and Maxie. While looking for markers, we got side tracked.  We ran into Caleb, Jack, Fletcher .

Then the rain came so we ran down the hill.  Eventually they called it off. We were up in this hill that we could see everyone going back to shelter so we made our way back.  Then we went home.

Orientation practice

On Wednesday,  we did a practice for Orienteering next week. I was in a group of three with Kane and Eddy. Mrs Mason was timing every group. Our group was the fastest with a time of 11mins:23 sec. We did map number 4 which was the hardest. There was 24 markers that we had to find on the map. We tried beating our time but it didn’t work, we mucked it up.

Dirt bike ball!!!


I want to skate like a pro, but first I need a skate board, I need a design. To make it I need a base coat then I’ll make the best design ever.

In Art this week we did our base coat for our skate boards and our design. I realised that when your painting you need to keep the sponge one way not all different ways or it will look all weird. For my design I’m doing a Kd  (one of the best current NBA players) and his signature in the middle with the Golden State Warriors logo. On the other side I’m doing the Monster Energy logo and the Fox logo. In the middle I’ve got the sentence that says “Lean back and pin it” underneath it I’ve got Webb, Reed, Dungey and Villopoto’s signatures, these rider are 4 of the best riders in the world. That is my design. I’m looking forward to see what it looks like.

Science fair!!

The past few weeks we have been reasearching topics of our choice,(I chose the two stroke engine) I have been working on different parts of the engine like the energy in the spark plug or the compression on the piston. I stared showing people how the spark plug worked by shoking them on the finger. My table was set up with a two stroke lawn mower with the plastics off it so you can see the engine, then I had me iPad open on this page


I also had my poster on my table.

Book week!!!!

“The bully on the bus, the bully on the bus.” Apart from our caterpillar door I think 4A’s door is the best. I really like the bully on the bus book because it teaches you not to bully and if you are getting bullied it shows you how to deal with it. The door was really creative and clever and unexpected. The tissue paper was really bright and took up the whole door, it stuck in your face, the bus actually looked like a bus. It looks like the kids have contributed in the posters. This is the photo of 4A’s door!!