About me!!


G’day, my names James and I’m from downunder, aka Australia. Right where the footy is strong. I live in a small town in victoria. It’s a great little town with all the bells and whistles.


1. First of all I sleep with a Sherrin footy. 

2. I love riding motorbikes, it’s my passion.

3. My favourite food is pasta, I love ravioli, bolognase, especially with the meat sauce.

4. I’d rather be outside then be sitting in front of a telly.

5. I love riding around on the bikes with mates.

6. I hate casserole.

7. I have a older sister and I live with her and Mum and Dad.

8. My favourite overseas sport is either NBA (love the rockets) or NFL (lets go patriots)

9. My favourite animal is a kangaroo. The true blue animal.

10. My favourite movie is the longest yard, with Adam Sandaler.

11. On the weekend I usually play footy, basketball, motorbike riding and hang with mates

12. I really like going camping with mates and friends. The best camp spot is up in mansfeild, in the high country.

13. I’m a house captain for sport.

14. Our football is like yours just we, kick and handball to pass. To score we kick through the to big sticks and that gets you 6 points. But if you get it between the small post it’s 1 point. I barrack for the 2016 premirs, the Western Bulldogs. Also known as the doggies, our colours are 🔴⚪️🔵.

14. I have a PS4. I usually play NBA 2K 17, or GTA 5.

15. I have a big black Labrador, he’s like a shadow he just follows me like a shadow, His name is Digger

16. My favourite AFL player is Marcus Bontenpelli. He plays for the doggies #4.

17. I have earned the club mans award for my footy club.

18. The footy club I play for is the giants🔶⚪️📐.

19. The basketball club I play for is the bulldogs 🔴⚪️.

20. And last of is that I have a Kawasaki KX 85 ||.

thatnkyou for reading my 20 facts about me. Hope you injoyed reading. Check out my blog through the year.



  1. James, your personality really shines through in your writing, great job! We have a big black dog too who spends most of her time trying to lick us!

  2. Hey Jimmy,
    I love the post and I think we share a lot of the same personalitys like footy and basket ball as well as camping. That’s all for now Jimmy I’ll come back in a couple of days to comment again. Nice post.
    From Josh.

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