Imagine being tsken out of your home and being placed somewhere you don’t know. I don’t believe animals should be pulled out of there homes for entertainment.

The animals aren’t free! They have all these fake cages which fake rocks and wood. Trapped and no where to go. With only little groups, EG lions need to be in a pack of at least 30 lions.

Imagine being hand fed your whole life, not good. They are Turing into pets not WILD animals. Think of the monkeys getting bottle fed it should be there mothers.

from an animals right standpoint we do not have the right to breed, capture and confine other animals, even if they are endangered so why do we do it

now surely you think the zoos aren’t essential, there just inpriosning the WILD animals but it doesn’t hel we take down the forest. If you don’t believe you are crazy.

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