The rule of thirds

The rule of thirds you ask, what is it. Well I’ll tell you. The rule of thirds is to break an image down into thirds, both horizontally and vertically so that you have 9 parts. Click here to see more info.

My first photo is a photo of the tunnel, this shows the rule of thirds because the tunnel makes points around the circle⭕️. In prep this used to be where I played most of the time, it was really cool to sit in there.

My second photo is a photo of seats that are under the shade🌳🌲and out of the way, we normally just sit and talk here and play truth or dare or would you rather. The rule of thirds follows the tree and the seats.






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  1. Hey James it’s Darcy
    I really like how you stared the post “The rule of thirds you ask, what is it. Well I’ll tell you”. I also like how you had a link to see even more information. but next time you need to show the rule of third lines on the picture. And that place was so fun to play in prep.

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