Song writing

This week in class we had to make a poem or song using Personification and figurative language. Every got confused between rhyming and similies. I decided to do it with Kane. Instead of doing a song we did a rap about a devil in Bali who is gnarly and has a Ferrari. This is what we have so far:

“knock knock its the devil from another level, he’s a part boy always getting gnarly in Bali with his Ferrari.

Splashing the passion Mashing the fashion and kicking magic like a field goal.”

figurative language is when you are telling something like “the tree looked at me like a devil” but a tree can’t look at you like a devil can it. We used this website called the songs sphere click on the image to go to the website.



  1. Hi James,
    I like how you put your poem in so people could read it. I also liked how you put the link to the website so people could go and look on the website if they wanted to write a poem. Next time you should probably re-read the post because there were some punctuation mistakes.
    Keep up the great blogging!
    From Charlize

  2. James I loved how the poem was quick, short and funny. O also liked how you allowed us to go to the website so we could try however there were some mistakes so next time re-read the text.

    -Callum 5c

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