Week 2 term 4


This week in Maths we have been learning how to use a table to work a problem out. We have been learning all our times tables and tricks.


This week in English we have been learning what persistence is and how to be persistene. We have been reading the book “Out Of My Mind”. We are just getting into all the characters. We did life motto’s, and mine was ” Life’s Short So Rip It And Grip It”

Earth’s Structure

We have been doing the Solar System. But at the moment we are doing Earth’s Structure. We did a graph on all the sections of the Earth. The there’s the Crust, Upper mantle, Lower mantle, Outter core and Inner core.

Coment what you think what’s going to happen next in Out Of My Mind.

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  1. Hi James your post is really good but with the times tables tricks maybe list some. Maybe for your life motto show us the art
    From BENNY

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