New awesome goalsss


Short term goals are a term or two and you take small steps to get to the long term goal. The long term goals are a year or two and the short term leads up to the long term goal which is hard to accomplish.

Learning behaviour
My Learning Behaviour is to make sure I don’t get distracted. I will do this by not sitting next to distracting people.

My Maths goal is to learn all my tables. But I will take steps and do my 8’s first. I will do this by getting my mum to test me with a piece of paper on Thursday. And I will go on TTMe and practice.

My English goal is to improve my hand writing. I will do this by asking Mrs Westerman for a hand writhing sheet and do it every Thursday. Also I will write a 50 word story on Thursday as well.



  1. HI James

    These goals sound very good! I like how you explained what short term and long term goals are.
    I would have no clue what they are because we haven’t been taught that, we have been taught something different.
    I really like your Maths goal, because I know you can achieve it. Last year I had the same goal and I worked on it all the time so now I know most of them. I still need work.
    For Writing it is a very good idea to think about using hand writing sheets and asking for help.

    Keep up the great work
    Love From
    Liza 6B

  2. Hi Jimmy,
    ⭐️I like your great explanation on the short and long term goals.
    Wish: My wish is for you is to get some really interesting tags on your post.

    From Jack

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